Internet Security Systems (ISS) has served as the trusted security advisor to global enterprises and world governments for over a decade. ISS preemptively protects the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information systems with multi-layered, end-to-end intrusion prevention and vulnerability management solutions under the Proventia Enterprise Security Platform (ESP).
ISS has been officially recognised by international research group IDC as the worldwide leader in the intrusion detection and prevention market for the past four years.


ISS is headquartered in Atlanta and maintains more than 35 offices in 20 countries worldwide. ISS' UK operations are based in Windsor, Berkshire with EMEA headquarters in Belgium.

X-Force Research

The foundation of ISS' pre-emptive approach to Internet security is its X-Force research and development team. By discovering, researching and testing software vulnerabilities and collaborating with government agencies, industry consortiums and software developers, ISS stops more threats.
This powerful combination allows ISS to create effective defences before attacks occur. ISS' knowledge-based approach to protection is extended across the Proventia Enterprise Security Platform

ISS' products deliver pre-emptive protection - keeping your customers ahead of the next online threat more effectively and
more affordably than conventional security methods

This timeline of the RPC vulnerability announcement illustrates the success of pro-active vulnerability-based protection vs. reactive exploit based protection.

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