Websense Essential Information Protection is based on best-in-class products and hosted solutions that provide integrated threat defense and powerful policy-based control over your organization's sensitive data.
Websense is unique in the industry in letting you control all the critical elements of Web, data, and messaging security, including:

  • Who is authorized to access specific Web sites, sensitive content, or applications;
  • What data is critically important to your organization and must be protected from accidental or intentional leaks;
  • How you allow sensitive data to be communicated, and how online resources can be used safely and productively by your business.
  • Where you allow users to go online, and where sensitive data can be sent safely;



Essential Guide to Protecting Essential Information

SurfControl Acquisition - Websense Five-Point Pledge to SurfControl Customers

  1. Continued support for SurfControl's Web Filter and Mobile Filter until 2011

  2. Continued investment in development of Email Filter, Mail Control and Web Defense

  3. Enhance Web Filter and Mobile Filter with Websense URL database

  4. Price protection on the first renewal of SurfControl Web Filter and Mobile Filter subscriptions

  5. Forums for on-going customer communications, focusing on the quality of support and product direction


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